June 03, 2012

Change of Focus

Hi there, I recently made a decision that is going to change the focus of this blog. I resigned. I have been working for the same employer for 13 years and I will surely miss my old colleagues, but this was something I wanted to do. 

Now I am in a lucky position where I can, for a while, do the projects that I want. Bwahahahaa, I am the master of my universe!

As you read this, I'm building a nice little web application with Vaadin, working against Cassandra DB. My main focus is to update my skills to the web and do that as fast as possible. 

So, from now on you will no longer be hearing stories of the challenges with large code-bases. What you will get, I have no idea. And I am definitely not going to change my habits, so my updates will be as non-regular as before.  

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